Mission Statement

The Human Resources mission is to help campus units recruit, hire, and retain the best qualified and most diverse workforce possible for the Santa Cruz campus.

Staff Human Resources is a service organization. We represent the University of California and SHR to both our internal and external customers.

Our goal is to partner with our customers by promoting dialogue at every opportunity so that, together, we can achieve the most appropriate human resources solutions. We demonstrate professionalism in our words and actions in order to provide consistent, reliable, and compliant resolutions. Our customers can expect to be treated respectfully and personally by all members of the SHR team.

As stewards of the University of California, we conduct ourselves ethically, honestly, and with integrity in all dealings with our campus and community customers. We embrace diversity in all its forms and feel that it strengthens and sustains our effectiveness as an organization. We understand, interpret and abide by University policies and procedures in accordance with our organizational values. Operating with the highest regard for privacy and confidentiality, we follow applicable laws and University policies when accessing, using, or disclosing records.

In our quest for excellence, we aspire to the continuous improvement of our skills and work processes.