Services Provided

Employment is responsible for providing the following services:

May 20, 2013
Important Announcement: Recruitment Service Transition

  • Recruitment plan consultation
  • Creation and placement of recruitment advertising
  • Application processing
  • On-line application tech support
  • Recruitment Management System (RMS) administration
  • Employment policy and procedure consultation
  • Preferential rehire program administration
  • Formal job offers and PPS On-line Entry Update (OEU)
  • Live Scan fingerprint results processing
  • Recruitment and employment related training
  • Outreach activities and applicant workshops

Employment Verification

Please Note: Employment verification requests are handled by the Financial Affairs Unit and may be called in at: 831-459-4522. Phone requests provide less information than written requests. Refer to the Financial Affairs Records Request Guide for detailed procedures on how to submit an Employment Verification Request in writing.

Staff Directory - Employment Office

Fax: 831-459-3520;Mailstop: SHR
Location: 1201 Shaffer Road

Lori Castro

Senior Manager


Amy Kile

Assistant Employment Manager


(email for support)

RMS System Administrator


Judith Kelso

Recruitment Specialist


Leticia Medina

Recruitment Specialist


Tess Waldo

Employment Reception


Tess Waldo

Background Check Processing


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