Business Administration, Policy, Projects & Resources

Team BAPPeR supports the logistical, operational and communications foundation for Staff Human Resources.

If you have a critical project on the horizon......BAP it!!

  • Policy review and analysis
  • HR Business Systems Projects
  • Staff Human Resources Procedures Manual development & maintenance
  • General Administration for the SHR Unit including budget, space/facilities management
  • Records Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Special Projects
  • Office of the President Liaison with HR
  • Unemployment Insurance Administration
  • Vacation Service Credit Coordination

Staff Directory - Business Administration, Policy, Projects & Resource Management

Mailstop: SHR-Service Teams
Location: Scotts Valley Center - 100 Enterprise Way
Elvia Ontiveros Business Administration Project Manager
Detmar Finke Web Developer
MarComm Specialist
Tess Waldo BAPPR Coordinator
Unemployment Insurance Coordinator
Solana Guisinger Business Administration Specialist 459-1020 
Hannah Whelan BAPPR Student Assistant -
Shirley Tran BAPPR Student Assistant -
Madigan Ford BAPPR Student Assistant - 
Christine Smith BAPPR Student Assistant -

Elaine Balcom BAPPR Student Assistant -  

Rose Teplitz BAPPR Student Assistant -