How to Apply Tutorial

How to Apply

How to Register as a New User on the External Candidate Gateway

This guide is intended to guide applicants who are not current UCSC employees through creating a profile, searching for and applying to a job posting.

Note:  If you are an active employee at UC Santa Cruz, you do not need to create a profile. Please use the Internal Applicants button at You will be asked to log in with your CruzID and gold password.

Okay, let's get started.

Navigate to
First time applying - Register as a “New User”,  or click “Sign In” if you already registered.
Create a user name (will be your sign in name), a password and confirm your password.
Note:  Please select a password that:

  • Has a minimum of eight characters with at least one lowercase character, one uppercase character and one special character from the set (!@#$%^&*()_+|\{}[];:?/><.,’)
  • Does not match your user name
  • Does not match your any or your email addresses

Enter your information, including a User Name (this will become your login) a Password, your Name and Contact information (including email address, phone number and current physical address).

After entering your account information click the “Register” button at the bottom of the page.

screenshot of the register screen.

After creating your profile, you will be taken to the Job Search page to browse job openings.

See below how to apply for non-UC Santa Cruz employees. Step-by-step instructions to search for and apply to jobs.

Getting Started for Non-UCSC Employees

This guide provides step-by-step instructions to search for and apply to jobs at UC Santa Cruz in our External Candidate Gateway.

Start by going to to view information about working at UC Santa Cruz. When you are ready to start your job search, click the “External Applicants” button. 

If this is your first time visiting this site, click on “New User”, then click on “Register” and create a profile. Once your profile is created, you can follow the remaining instructions to view job postings and submit an application.

If you are a returning user please click the “Sign In” link in the upper right-hand corner.
Important Note: Effective June 1, 2020, we are using a new job posting software. Our previous system was permanently closed on May 29, 2020. If you had an account in our previous system, you will need to create a new profile. 

How to Apply for a Job 

    1. Job Search Page
      Begin your job search by browsing through “Jobs” (use the arrow keys to navigate to other pages to see all postings), or use the Keywords search.

      There are some optional tools on the page you can use when searching for jobs. You can enter terms into the “Keyword” search field; you can click the “More Options” link to create a more targeted search using specific criteria (e.g. Career postings); you can click the “star” to the right of a specific job posting to mark it as a favorite; you can choose “filters” on the left side of the page to filter jobs.

      select filters

    2. Apply for a job
      When you see a posting you would like to review, click on it to see the Job Description page. To apply, click “Apply” at the bottom of the page to begin. If you are not interested, click the “Return to Previous Page” link at the bottom of the page (or the “Next Job” link at the top if you are scrolling through a list of jobs). If you are interested but want to keep the job to review later, click on the star to save as a “Favorite Job”.

      Select save as favorite job

    3.   Applying:  Terms and Conditions (Step 1 of 7)
      Read the Application Terms and Agreements. Click the box indicating that you have read and agree to the terms. Click “Next” to continue.

      Select next

    4.   Applying – Resume (Step 2 of 7)
      Please provide your work experience.
      Upload a Resume using the “Attach Resume” button. And upload a cover letter using the “Attach Cover Letter” button. Please note that only Word, PDF, and  text forms such as .doc, .docx, .rtf, .odt, .pdf, .txt are allowed.

      Select Attach Resume

      Or, you may use the “Copy & Paste Resume” button if you do not have a resume or would like to copy text from another document. Include your work experience details when you paste information in lieu of a resume.

      When you return to apply for other jobs, a third option to “Use Existing Resume” will show, so that you do not need to add it every time.

      Adding a “Cover Letter” is optional, but very much encouraged.

          Note:   Only upload to the individual job application.    

      Do not upload documents to “My Activities” page.

      After providing the information and/or documents you wish to include, click ​”Next” ​to continue

    5. Applying:  Preferences (Step 3 of 7)
      Please complete by answering questions 1-10 regarding your employment preferences. 

      Answer questions 1 through 10

    6. Applying:  Qualifications:  Experience (Step 4 of 7)
      Please provide your work experience, including job training, licenses and certifications, and references.
      • Adding references during the application process is optional, but is highly encouraged.
      • Applicants selected for an interview, will be asked to provide references. If adding references, include Name, Title (if applicable), email and/or phone number.
      • When finished click “Next” to continue.

        Select next when references are entererd.

    7. Applying:  Qualifications:  Education (Step 4 of 7)
      Complete Education questions. When finished click “Next” to continue.

      Select next to continue

    8. Applying:  Qualifications:  Questionnaire  (step 4 of 7)
      Complete the required Questionnaire and continue by clicking “Next”.

      Select Next.

    9. Applying:  Referrals (Step 5 of 7)
      Please indicate where you heard about the job. Click “Next” to continue.

      Select Next to continue.

    10. Applying:  Self Identify: UC Affiliation  (Step 6 of 7)
      Select the appropriate options to answer the questions. Some are conditional, meaning if you answer yes, additional fields may open to request more information. See below for information about each question.

      Select next to continue.

      1. Select ​”Yes”​ if you have been a member of CalPers within the last 180 days. Select “No” if you have never been a CalPers member, or if you were a member more than 180 days prior.

        Select next to continue.
      2. Select ​”Yes” ​if you are a current UC employee at any UC location. (you will then be asked to enter your current location). Choose ​”No” ​if you are not a current employee at any UC location.
      3. Select ​”Yes” ​if you are a former employee of the UC system (but have not retired from UC). If you answer “Yes” the system will ask you to indicate which campus(es) and if remembered, the last date of employment (optional). Choose ​”No” ​if you are not a former employee of the UC system or if you have retired from a UC location.

        Select next to continue.
      4. There are several options, however, only one answer is accepted.
        If you have ​Retired​ from any UC, please specify if you are receiving ​either​ a monthly payment, ​or​ have previously received a lump sum payout.

        Select the ​Vocational Training​ program option only if you have been counseled to do so by an appropriate UC Santa Cruz staff managing this process.

        Select the ​Layoff with Rehire privileges​ only if you’ve met with Staff Human Resources and have been enrolled in the Preferential Rehire program at UC Santa Cruz.

        If none of these apply to you, please select “​None of the Above”​.
      5. Please select “Yes” or “No” as appropriate to indicate whether you have any near relatives who are currently working at ​UC Santa Cruz.​ A near relative is defined as a spouse, domestic partner, child (including child of a domestic partner, sibling, in-law or step-relative). You do not need to indicate relatives working at other UC locations.
    11. Applying:  Self Identify:  Disability (Step 6 of 7)
      Indicate if you have a disability (or select “I don’t wish to answer”). The information you provide is not shared with Hiring Managers, recruiters, or anyone involved in the hiring process; it is anonymously reported for affirmative action purposes only.
      Click the ​“Next” ​​button to continue

      Select the next button to continue.
    12. Applying: Self Identify – Veterans indicate if you have a veteran status. Definitions are shown to assist you in making a choice. The information you provide is not shared with Hiring Managers, Recruiters, or anyone involved in the hiring process; it is anonymously reported for affirmative action purposes only.
      Click “Next” to continue.

      Select next to continue.

    13. Applying:  Self Identify – Diversity
      Providing this information is optional.  The information you provide is not shared with Hiring Managers, Recruiters, or anyone involved in the hiring process; it is anonymously reported for affirmative action purposes only. It is used for general statistics for reporting on the equity of recruitments or consideration for developing programs to support diversity initiatives. 

    14. Applying: Self Identify - Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation
      Please either indicate a response, or choose “Decline to State”. This information is not shared with Hiring Managers or Recruiters. Click the “​Next” ​​button when you are done.

    15. Applying: Review & Submit (Step 7 of 7)
      Once you submit your application you will ​not​ be able to edit it. Review your information at this step to ensure accuracy. Click the pencil icon and to make all necessary edits, ​or click​ the ​”Previous”​​ button to return to earlier pages and edit the information as needed. You can click “​​Save as Draft”​, but remember to return later to ​”My Activities” ​​to finish it. When satisfied, click ​​”Submit Application” ​​to apply.


    16. Confirmation

      After submission, this screen will indicate you have successfully applied, and you’ll receive an email confirmation.

    17. Checking Your Application - Status Reasons Explained
      To view the list of jobs you’ve applied to, the date you applied, and your status as an applicant, click on “My Activities”.


Application Received: Your application materials have been received by the system and are waiting to be routed to the hiring department.

NOTE: Application materials received by 11:59 p.m. on the Initial Review Date (IRD) will be forwarded to the hiring department within 2 business daysIf the IRD has passed, additional applications will be routed only at the request of the hiring department.

 - Application was received by the system after the IRD; hiring department did not request additional applications.
 - Application was received by the system, however the recruitment was withdrawn and received applications were not routed.
 - Application was received by the system, however a Preferential Rehire candidate was hired and no other received applications were routed. 

Routed for Further Consideration:  Your application materials have been routed to the hiring department.The hiring department may use a search committee to review applications, conduct interviews, etc.

Identification of interviewees can take 4 to 8 weeks after the application materials are routed to the hiring department.

Hiring department and/or search committee will schedule and conduct interviews

No Longer Under Consideration:  Your application materials were routed to the hiring department. After careful consideration and assessment against required job qualifications your application materials did not demonstrate the skills required to be selected for an  interview.

Follow-up communication with applicants routed/not interviewed is at the discretion of the hiring department.

Applicants may contact the Talent Acquisition Office at 831-459-2009 to inquire which selection criteria they did not meet as strongly as those selected for the interview.

Not Submitted:  You didn’t complete the process to submit your application. You may complete the application process by logging into the system and clicking the “Complete” link under the column heading titled, “Status” from the Application Status screen.

Withdrawn:  You successfully applied and later took action to withdraw your application materials from further consideration.

Offer:  The Talent Acquisition office has received the paperwork to initiate the job offer process with you.

A Talent Acquisition Consultant will contact you via phone to discuss the terms and conditions of the position, extend to you a conditional job offer, and explain the overall job offer process.

Offer Accepted:  You, the selected candidate, have accepted the formal job offer and a start date has been determined.

Hired: You have completed the hiring process and have begun your new job.