Benefits Continuation Forms

If you are a Staff/Post Doc/ Academic employee, on an unpaid leave and submit Direct Payments of premiums to UC Regents for insurance continuation, UCPath sends billing statements via U.S. mail with amounts due and instructions for payment to your home address on record. Benefits billing statements are mailed on/about the 21st of each month.

It is very important that UC employees keep address and contact information accurate and current. You may update your contact information via the UCPath self service portal. If you experience difficulty, you may contact UCPath offices at 855-982-7284.

Please refer to the UCPath Benefits continuation resource for additional information. If you have any additional questions, please email the benefits team at or give us a call at our general line which is 831-459-2013.

Example of Monthly Bill and envelope sent from UCPath:

Example of the UCPath Benefits Billing Statement