Benefits Eligibility

Overview/Purpose Multiple Consecutive Appointments
Health & Welfare Benefit Levels Appointment Extended
Continued Eligibility Transfer to Positions "Ineligible for Benefits"
Special Situations Unit 18 (Lecturers) Appointment Averaging
Multiple Concurrent Appointments

Continued Eligibility

To continue eligibility at the assigned benefit level, an employee must maintain an average hours of service over a Standard Measurement Period, measured between November and October annually.  All employees are measured for eligibility annually. More information is available in the Group Insurance Eligibility Factsheet.

If the employee falls below the required average hours for their appointment type, the employee must be changed to No Benefits the following January 1st which will de-enroll the employee from benefits with continuing requirements. (This differs from UCRP eligibility where membership continues until there is a break in service, regardless of number of hours worked. Note that eligibility for membership in UCRP is defined in UCRP Documents and Regulations and may differ from Health & Welfare benefits eligibility rules as defined here.)