Benefits Eligibility

Overview/Purpose Multiple Concurrent Appointments
Health & Welfare Benefit Levels Multiple Consecutive Appointments
  BELI Codes & Requirements Appointment Extended
  Initial Eligibility Transfer to Positions "Ineligible for Benefits"
  Continued Eligibility Unit 18 (Lecturers) Appointment Averaging
  Special Situations Status Qualifier Codes
  Ending Date for Funding or Visas Purposes Out of Compliance BELIs

Ending Date for Funding or Visa Purposes Only

The special rules below apply to all levels of BELI code.

If an appointment is intended to be indefinite or last for at least 12 months, but has an end date to reflect funding or visa restrictions, assign an Appointment Duration Code “B” or “V.” This will instruct the payroll system to ignore the end date of the appointment and treat this appointment as indefinite when determining the derived BELI. The BELI should be assigned as though the appointment were indefinite.

Is the
Type Eligible
for Benefits?
Benefits Level
Initial Appointment
6 Months -
Duration Code "B"
(1/01/04 to 6/30/04; ending date for funding purposes only)
(BELI 1 - Assign duration indicator “B”)