Benefits Eligibility

Overview/Purpose Multiple Concurrent Appointments
Health & Welfare Benefit Levels Multiple Consecutive Appointments
  BELI Codes & Requirements Appointment Extended
  Initial Eligibility Transfer to Positions "Ineligible for Benefits"
  Continued Eligibility Unit 18 (Lecturers) Appointment Averaging
  Special Situations Status Qualifier Codes
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Initial Eligibility for New or Current Employees

In order to become initially eligible for benefits, the newly hired or current employee’s appointment is evaluated using the following three factors: percentage, duration, and appointment type. All three factors are entered into the payroll system upon hire. Initial and continuing eligibility for a particular BELI code is defined in the BELI Codes and Requirements chart.

The “appointment type code” is resident in the payroll system and is defined as follows:

  • Appt. Type 1: Contract
  • Appt. Type 2: Regular/Career
  • Appt. Type 3: Limited
  • Appt. Type 4: Casual/Restricted
  • Appt. Type 5: Academic
  • Appt. Type 6: Per Diem
  • Appt. Type 7: Partial Year/Career
  • Appt. Type 8: Floater

Some appointment types (Casual/Restricted and Per Diem) are never eligible for benefits. Appointments of any type in which employees are paid solely on a stipend, "by agreement", or are appointed without salary are also not benefits eligible appointments. In addition, academic titles reserved for students are not benefits eligible.

Initial Eligibility for Rehired Employees

Initial eligibility for a rehired employee is evaluated using the three factors (percent, duration, appointment type), as well as considering the number of hours the employee has accumulated in the “Hours Towards Benefits Eligibility” field. If the employee has an eligible appointment, which would normally not qualify for benefits due to the percent and duration of the appointment (e.g., 40% for 12 months) but has 1,000 hours as of the beginning of the month of rehire, assign a BELI 1. Note that employees rehired into positions covered by the Unit 18 contract need only have 750 hours in “Hours Towards Benefits Eligibility” to qualify for Full Benefits - see Special Situations: Unit 18 (Lecturers).


Is the
Type Eligible
for Benefits?
Benefits Level
Initial Appointment
12 Months
(7/1/03 to 6/30/04)
(BELI 1)
New Appointment
(following break in service)
12 Months
(8/1/04 to 7/31/05)

( If 1,000 hours on 8/1/04, then BELI 1 until average paid hours reduce below 17.5 for 2 consecutive months.)