Benefits Eligibility

Overview/Purpose Multiple Consecutive Appointments
Health & Welfare Benefit Levels Appointment Extended
Continued Eligibility Transfer to Positions "Ineligible for Benefits"
Special Situations Unit 18 (Lecturers) Appointment Averaging
Multiple Concurrent Appointments

Unit 18 Lecturer, Appointment Averaging

The special rules below apply to all Benefit Levels.

A Lecturer with variable appointments by quarter may attain eligibility for health & welfare benefits only (not UCRP) by averaging the appointments and determining the Benefit Level based on the average. Status Qualifier Code 20 should be used.


Is the
Type Eligible
for Benefits?
Benefits Level
Initial Appointment

Fall: 33%
Winter: 100%
Spring: 67%

Average appointment % is 67%

12 Months
(7/1/03 - 6/30/04)
(Effective 7/1/03)