Stigma-free UC

Systemwide WellBeing and Stigma-free UC would like to share an update:

Stigma Free UC is a one-year awareness project providing monthly programming comprised of educational webinars, discussions, videos and more with a goal to increase collective compassionate approach to those that suffer from mental illness. The following video is about 45 minutes long, available at the following link:
As background for the presentation, please see the comment-enabled UC Net site ( which reads as follows,

“Mental health issues touch all of us. For example, anxiety and mood disorders appear in nearly every family; suicide rates are climbing; rates of ADHD and autism spectrum disorders are soaring. Although our understanding of, and treatment options for, mental illness have expanded dramatically over the past 60 years, public attitudes have largely remained unchanged. Stigma persists, preventing too many people from getting the help they need.

Stephen Hinshaw, professor of psychology at UC Berkeley and of psychiatry at UCSF, will present a systemwide webinar on Feb. 22 about the social and personal costs of the stigma surrounding mental illness — especially what can be done to open dialogue and ensure access to needed treatments. Hinshaw will share insights about mental health and stigma gathered both through his distinguished research career and his family history, explored in his 2017 book "Another Kind of Madness: A Journey through the Stigma and Hope of Mental Illness."

All UC faculty and staff are invited to attend the webinar, which launches the Systemwide WellBeing Initiative’s "Stigma-Free UC" effort to raise awareness about mental health issues and reduce barriers to treatment. More information about UC’s behavioral health benefits, including free services through faculty and staff assistance programs, is available here <> .”

Please also find attached to this note UCSC Employee Assistance Program handout, provided to all employees with new faculty/staff benefit program eligibility.