Standards and Templates

In the logical sequence of our modular approach to job classification, once a job has been properly segmented by Job Family and then Job Function, in UCSC's job structure, a job with similar tasks and responsibilities will share a common job standard.

  • Job Standard - A description of the scope, key responsibilities, and knowledge and skill requirements of a specific job level within a job function and family. 
  • Job Description Template - A Career Tracks job standard that is downloaded into a Microsoft Word document, which can then be customized for an individual job description.
  • Job Description - A summary of the key responsibilities of a job, for a specific employee or group of employees. It includes the general nature of the work performed, the level of the work performed, the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for competent performance of the job and other elements. A job description describes and focuses on the job itself and not on any specific individual who might fill the job.

UC Standards and Templates