Classification Review Process

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Why are Jobs Reclassified? The Effective Date
Classification Review Package Classify Job, Not Person
How Decision is Made Formal Review of Decision
Desk Audit Forms

What is a Desk Audit?

An in-person desk audit occurs when the Compensation Analyst determines that more information, clarification, and/or examples of the work performed are needed to complete the review. The desk audit is an opportunity for the employee to describe the responsibilities of his/her position. The Compensation Analyst will also meet with the supervisor to discuss and confirm the duties and responsibilities that were discussed with the employee. Following are some tips for employees and supervisors to prepare for the meeting with the Compensation Analyst.


  • Be prepared to discuss the background that prompted the request for classification review and prepare to focus on the significant changes in responsibilities between the old and the new job descriptions.

  • Be prepared to discuss the functional areas of your job description including specific examples that best illustrate each area of responsibility.

  • Provide examples of the types of problems for which you have authority to make decisions or recommendations, including the ramifications and/or impact of these decisions.


  • Be prepared to discuss the background that prompted the request for classification review, especially significant changes in the organizational structure of the unit and/or new responsibilities or tasks that have been assigned to the employee.

  • The Analyst may ask about comparable positions, both within your area of responsibility as well as any you may be familiar with that are outside of your unit/department.

The Compensation Analyst will classify the position, not the person. The Analyst will review the duties, level of responsibility, skills and knowledge required of the position to render a classification decision. Personal attributes (e.g., the employee's value, performance, longevity, reliability) are not part of the classification review process and decision.