Classification Review Process

Process Overview Process Timeline
Why are Jobs Reclassified? The Effective Date
Classification Review Package Classify Job, Not Person
How Decision is Made Formal Review of Decision
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SHR Classifies the Job, Not the Person

Classification decisions are based solely upon the responsibilities and duties assigned to a position, including the skills, knowledge and abilities required of the position. The overall credentials and personal circumstances of the incumbent are not considered in making a classification decision. SHR classifies the job, not the person. Examples of person-related factors that are not considered in the classification process include:

  • Performance

  • Longevity

  • Unusual qualifications not required to perform the job duties

  • Retention issues

  • Financial needs

  • Increased workload or volume of work

  • Future projects

See "How Decision is Made" for the position-related factors utilized in making classification decisions.