Training on P4P

This year we have developed one online form which replaces all previous paper-based forms. The new form and process creates efficiencies with an electronic workflow. It is an interim tool for the campus to use until the implementation of the ePerformance module of UCPath, expected in 2018. To help visualize our new on line appraisal form process, here is a flowchart for reference: P4P FlowChart.pdf

Staff HR provides consulting and training to support managers and supervisors in completing appraisals. Your Employee Relations (ER) analyst can provide you with advice and assistance in discussing pay for performance with your staff and in writing performance appraisals.

Training on Performance Management

Free training is available to help managers and supervisors conduct performance appraisals. If you need additional information on this topic please contact Teresa Roffe (  or Rhonda Rhodes (

We have also developed a series of self-paced, online performance appraisal tutorials:

Please e-mail with any questions or comments.