Training on P4P

Managers & Supervisors

To support the efforts of this project, “Focus on Performance” training has been scheduled to help supervisors complete performance appraisals, engage staff with effective goals and regular feedback.

This training features two modules found in the UC Learning Center's web page under Leadership, Management & Supervisory Development: Click on each module to sign up--for FREE!
  • Performance Appraisal Training and Feedback: introduces the new online performance appraisal form and new rating scale for 2017. This one-hour training will help supervisors and managers learn how to use the upgraded tools. The basics of writing and delivering concise, effective appraisals will also be covered.
  • Goal-Setting and Feedback: are essential to a high-performing organization. Setting goals and clarifying expectations for staff connects the efforts of individuals with the priorities of the organization.  Regular feedback keeps staff on track and engaged in achieving their goals and meeting expectations. This is a two-hour training event.

All Staff

This year we have developed one online form which replaces all previous paper-based forms. The new form and process creates efficiencies with an electronic workflow. It is an interim tool for the campus to use until the implementation of the ePerformance module of UCPath, expected in 2018. To help visualize our new on line appraisal form process, here is a flowchart for reference: P4P FlowChart v9.pdf

We have also developed a series of self-paced, online performance appraisal tutorials and narrated training videos:

 Video: Create New Appraisal


 Video: Completing the Appraisal

Please e-mail with any questions or comments.