Career Tracks

Career Tracks management tools put UC careers on the right track

Job Description Clarity and Simplification 

The Career Tracks program is based on a modular job classification framework that aligns non-represented jobs to their respective labor market by occupation and supports the development of career paths designed to enhance career mobility. The Career Tracks approach represents a commitment to consistent treatment of all staff as well as to transparency in policy and process, and recognition of the roles that all campus community members have in the health of the workplace.


  • A system-wide series of job classifications/titles that reflect primary job responsibilities and UC systemwide norms
  • Provides employees with well defined career paths
  • Aligns pay practices with the local labor market
  • Provides transparent classification decisions and enhanced reporting and analytical capabilities

We're Here To Help:

  • Contact the Compensation team at with any questions you may have about the Career Tracks classification system