How Are Classification Decisions Made?

Compensation will review the employee's current (old) and proposed (new) Job Descriptions, the organizational chart, and the Classification Review Questionnaire to identify the changes that might affect the classification level. Compensation will conduct an analysis of the position and may discuss the position with the employee's supervisor.

The analysis to determine the appropriate classification level also includes comparing the duties of the position with the appropriate UC Classification Specifications and with other positions on campus and/or within the UC system. This process will generally provide sufficient information to make a classification decision. Compensation may also conduct a Desk Audit with the employee and the supervisor to gather additional information about the position in order to determine the appropriate classification.

The following job-related factors will be considered in classifying a position:

  • Nature or type of work performed

  • Level of responsibility

  • Impact of the position on the unit, department, campus, or UC System

  • Reporting relationships

  • Scope of duties

  • Complexity of work

  • Creativity/innovation

  • Supervision received

  • Supervision exercised

  • Knowledge and skills required to perform the duties