Request A Classification Review

The Unit Manager or Supervisor:

  • Follows divisional procedures & protocol, which may require consultation about organizational changes and funding availability prior to assigning new responsibilities.
  • Assigns responsibilities that may result in a change to classification level.
    • Reminder: Critical Functions may not be assigned until the appropriate background investigation has been completed. Please see Critical Functions Guide.
  • Consults with Compensation Analyst to ensure that the Job Description is complete and appropriate for review, and to determine whether or not the position requires a background investigation.
  • Secures divisional approval in accordance with internal procedures and protocol.
  • Submits Employee Action Request Form: SHR Classification Review, with the following attachments:

The Compensation Analyst:

  • Conducts a formal review of the position and determines classification level.
  • Reviews Job Description for appropriateness and completeness, and recommends changes as needed.
  • Determines if the position is a “Critical” position.
  • Consults with department (and LR Analyst if position is represented).
  • Provides salary recommendations.
  • Requests a salary decision from the department/unit requestor based on divisional protocol.
  • Notifies LR Analyst when a reclassification results in movement out of an exclusively represented bargaining unit. Labor Relations will then notice the appropriate union.
  • Implements all approved actions at the completion of the process.

The Supervisor:

  • Makes final salary decision in accordance with divisional protocols.
  • Signs finalized job description.
  • Informs the employee of changes to classification and/or salary.