Salary Equity

What is a Equity Review
  • Equity increases are provided for permanent situations where an individual inequity may exist and reclassification to a higher level is not appropriate.
  • Assumption of lower level duties typically does not warrant an equity increase.
  • Temporary equity increases are addressed through the Stipend process. Refer to A14: Stipend procedures
  • Equity increases for represented employees may require prior notice to the Union.
  • PPSM employees (non-represented):
    • The increase cannot exceed the maximum of the salary grade for the incumbent’s classification.
    • Principal Officers are delegated authority to approve equity increases. This authority may be re-delegated.
  • Represented employees:
    • Principal Officers are delegated authority to approve equity increases. This authority may be re-delegated.
    • The resulting salary cannot exceed the maximum of the salary range for the incumbent's current classification.

Criteria will vary according to the circumstances of each case and is subject to the availability of funding. The following should be considered when determining whether an equity increase is warranted:

  • assumption of significant additional “new” duties that, in combination with the “old” duties, may not be classifiable to a higher level or grade (e.g. supervision, assuming duties of another position on a permanent basis, etc.).

  • retention problems, e.g.,(competitive market conditions for the profession or field, causing employee turnover)

  • salary inequity within a unit or across campus for a particular position (e.g. “hire-in” rates which exceed the salary rates of current employees in the unit in the same classification, level of responsibility comparable to others in the same classification, etc.).

  • Note: differences in pay may exist for a particular position since there are differences in longevity of employees and levels of experience (on or off campus) and levels of performance.

  • a situation where an employee would be otherwise disadvantaged if an equity increase were not provided (e.g. a retroactive reclassification from one personnel program to another which results in the loss of eligibility for a merit increase).

  • Note: An original job description, updated job description and org chart should accompany the EAR.

To request an Equity action: 

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