Salary Information for UCSC Employees

The Compensation Unit in Staff Human Resources oversees the pay programs for all staff employees covered by Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM), and the various collective bargaining agreements (CBA).


The following links provide Salary Ranges, Salary Grades, and Title & Pay Plans for staff bargaining units and personnel programs:

Changes to UC Santa Cruz career track salary ranges

In response to the 2017 California State Audit, Systemwide Compensation and UCOP Human Resources commissioned an external market analysis by an independent consulting firm to evaluate the market competitiveness of UC salaries. Based on the analysis, there is a UC Systemwide initiative to adjust the salary ranges at all campuses on or before July 1, 2023.

The salary ranges will be narrowed and the range midpoints will be increased. These types of adjustments do not automatically affect an employee’s current compensation but are used when making compensation decisions during the employee’s tenure. However, the narrowing of the ranges will affect a group of staff, whose salaries fall below the minimum of their new range. Staff HR will adjust their pay to the new range minimum. No employee will see a reduction in pay as a result of these changes, however employees whose salary is above the maximum of the range cannot receive increases until the range maximum increases beyond their salary amount.

UC Santa Cruz will narrow the salary ranges effective April 1, 2021 for monthly paid employees and April 4, 2021 for bi-weekly paid employees. Units should take the new salary range into consideration when requesting equity adjustments for employees paid at minimum or maximum of the salary range or when making job offers for new employees. For more information, please review the FAQ’s and/or contact your Compensation Analyst.


The following link provides compensation and benefits information for academic personnel programs:

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