Salary Information for UCSC Employees

The Compensation Team in Staff Human Resources oversees the pay programs for all staff employees covered by Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) and the various collective bargaining units. To learn more about salary placement guidelines, auxiliary pay, and salary increase programs, please ask your Compensation Analyst or refer to Personnel Policy for Staff Member for non-represented staff, or the specific Collective Bargaining Agreement for represented staff. 

Title Codes or Job Codes

Title Codes (also referred to as Job Codes) are the 6-digit numbers assigned to each unique Job Title. All title codes are 6-digit numbers, typically beginning with “00”. For example, Title Code “006205” is Research Admin 2. Another example, Title Code “007398” is Project Policy Anl 3. Each title code/ job code is assigned a salary grade for non-represented staff and a salary step structure or range for represented staff.

System-wide Salary Inquiry Tool

The Job Code Lookup allows supervisors, managers, and staff to look up salary and classification information on any title code in the UC system. You can filter information by campus, bargaining unit, personnel program, and other criteria. This tool is maintained by the UC Office of the President (UCOP).  

Salary Placement Guidelines

Establishing a salary for a new employee or deciding to give an increase to an existing employee requires careful consideration. In both cases, you should determine how the employee's prior experience, knowledge, skills and performance (if applicable) compare with other employees already performing the same job. Your Compensation Analyst is available to assist you with salary recommendations. 

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