UC Phased Retirement Program

Program Summary  UCSC Implementation Procedures
Overview Procedures for Enrolling
Authority Time Reduction Requirements
Eligibility Changing a Phased Retirement Contract
Details Ending a Phased Retirement Contract
Cash Incentive Formula Deadlines for Processing Contracts
Impact on Benefits Forms/Resources
Transfer, Promotion, Reappointment  

UCSC Implementation Procedures

Changing a Phased Retirement Contract or Early Termination of a Phased Retirement Contract

Time reduction changes are for the term of the Phased Retirement Program contract and participants cannot change their percent of appointment until the expiration date of the contract. The percentage of time reduction agreed to for the term of the contract cannot be changed once approved. An employee who voluntarily ends participation in the program before completing the terms of their Phased Retirement Program contract will forfeit all credits and cash incentives.

An employee who transfers or is promoted to another position in the same or different department must obtain advance written approval from the department head and Principal Officer to continue participation in the program.