UC Phased Retirement Program

Program Summary  UCSC Implementation Procedures
Overview Procedures for Enrolling
Authority Time Reduction Requirements
Eligibility Changing a Phased Retirement Contract
Details Ending a Phased Retirement Contract
Cash Incentive Formula Deadlines for Processing Contracts
Impact on Benefits Forms/Resources
Transfer, Promotion, Reappointment  

UCSC Implementation Procedures

Ending of a Phased Retirement Program Contract

By entering into a Phased Retirement Program contract, participants are agreeing to retire at the end of the term of their contract. At the end of the contract term, participants must either retire immediately or request an extension to participate in the program. Continuation in the program beyond the original term of the contract is subject to approval by the department head and Principal Officer. Approval of a second or third year of participation in the Phased Retirement Program requires participants to reduce their appointments by an additional 10% each year.