UC Phased Retirement Program

Program Summary  UCSC Implementation Procedures
Overview Procedures for Enrolling
Authority Time Reduction Requirements
Eligibility Changing a Phased Retirement Contract
Details Ending a Phased Retirement Contract
Cash Incentive Formula Deadlines for Processing Contracts
Impact on Benefits Forms/Resources
Transfer, Promotion, Reappointment  

UCSC Implementation Procedures

Originally offered in 2012, the Phased Retirement Program has been extended through December 31, 2019.

Procedures for Enrolling in the Phased Retirement Program

Principal Officers are delegated the authority to determine whether or not to make the program available within their respective units.

  • Principal Officers may elect to offer the program for the entire period, for a designated period or not at all.

  • Department Heads, with the approval of their Principal Officers, may approve an employee’s participation in the Phased Retirement Program based upon operational needs and service requirements.

  • If the department is accepting requests for participation, the employee initiates the process of enrolling by discussing their participation in the Phased Retirement Program with their supervisor. If the supervisor concurs with the request, the employee completes a Phased Retirement Contract (U290) (PDF). To participate in the program, employees must sign the contract indicating their agreement with the terms and condition of the program and forward to their supervisor for approval.

The Supervisor in conjunction with the Department Head approves the request based upon business operations and workload considerations. The contract must be signed by both the program participant and the department head. The completed and approved Phased Retirement Program contract agreement is forwarded to the appropriate ELR Analyst for review.

The ELR Analyst reviews the contract agreement for adherence to the Phased Retirement Program guidelines, informs the supervisor and employee of receipt and verification of the contract for accuracy, and forwards the documents to the Operations Specialist for processing.

The Operation Specialist enters the Phased Retirement Program data into PPS.

The Operations Specialist distributes copies of the Phased Retirement Program Contract as follows:

  • Originals to the Employee Personnel File

  • One copy to the employee

  • One copy to :

    Retirement Administration
    Office of the President
    300 Lakeside Dr.
    5th Floor, Oakland, Ca. 94612

Forms are retained for 5 years after separation, except in cases of disability or retirement in which case such forms are retained until age 70.

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