Recruitment Services Transition

May 20, 2013

To: Human Resources Advisory Group
(information to be shared with members of unit or division)

From:   Lori Castro, Senior Manager Employment & Operations Staff Human Resources

Re:       Recruitment Services Transition

Staff Human Resources (SHR) has transitioned recruitment support functions from Employee & Labor Relations (ELR) to Employment. This change is intended to remove redundancies, increase efficiency and facilitate direct communication between clients and subject matter experts.  The Recruitment Specialist within the Employment unit now supports the hiring unit throughout the process from strategic recruitment planning to job offer.  Units should continue to consult with their Employee & Labor Relations (ELR) analyst on pre-recruitment activities such as job description development and organizational design.  ELR will pass pertinent details including the draft job description to the Recruitment Specialist once a decision to recruit has been reached.  Alternatively, the unit may submit electronic copies of the job description and RMS Worksheet to their Recruitment Specialist should consultation with ELR be deemed unnecessary (e.g., straight replacement).  A list of Recruitment Specialist unit assignments is available on the SHR web site,

Below is an overview of roles and responsibilities.  Recruiting tools and resources are accessible from the Employment Services web site,

Employment conducts Recruitment Management System (RMS) data entry for units without a Certified Hiring Manager.  This includes:

  • Recruitment request initiation

  • Applicant status updates

  • Job offer request

provides recruitment planning consultation including:

  • Recruitment timeline

  • Advertising and outreach

  • Use of applicant/candidate evaluation tools (e.g., screening matrix, supplemental questions, phone interviews)

  • Special conditions of employment including guidance on pre-offer background investigations

  • Verification of Fair Hiring training certification

consults and supports hiring units in the following areas:

  • Job description development and updates; interfacing with Classification Analyst as necessary

  • Preparation of the RMS Recruitment Request Worksheet including job description addendum when consulting with the unit on organizational issues.

  • Near relative issues and approval process

  • Waiver of Open recruitment justification and approval

  • Rehired retiree approval process

  • Unit specific issues (e.g., internal equity) which have an impact on job offer negotiations

  • On-Boarding for all hires

Hiring Managers and Divisional Approvers
ensure that unit specific approval protocols are followed.  This includes financial approvals related to:

  • Request to recruit

  • Advertising and outreach expenditures

  • Job offer negotiations

Questions and/or feedback regarding the transition should be directed to Senior Manager, Lori Castro at or Assistant Employment Manager, Amy Kile at

Cc:   Staff Human Resources
       Ciel Benedetto
       Kim Van Le

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