Possible UAW Strike on April 2-3

March 27, 2014

To:  UCSC Community
From:  Chancellor George Blumenthal and Executive Vice Chancellor Alison Galloway
Re:  Possible UAW Strike on April 2-3
The United Auto Workers union, representing graduate student employees, has informed the university that it will hold a two-day strike throughout the UC system next Wednesday and Thursday, April 2-3.

The union has called for the strike, alleging that UC has engaged in unfair labor practices; UC has disputed that allegation, indicating that a work stoppage would be an "unlawful pre-impasse strike."

Our understanding is that negotiations between UC's Office of the President and UAW were scheduled to resume today.

While we are hopeful that a systemwide strike will be averted, at this time it remains possible that strike activities will disrupt campus services next Wednesdayand Thursday.

Given this possibility, we strongly encourage instructors and students to communicate in advance of those days about any plans that need to be in place should classroom access be impacted. Similarly, supervisors and managers are asked to check in with staff ahead of Wednesday, April 2.

As always, it is imperative that students, staff, and faculty monitor the UCSC home page for developments in advance of Wednesday. We will post updates there.

Thank you very much for your attention to this matter.