Implementation of UC CANRA Policy for Managers and Supervisors

September 17, 2014

Learn about this important campus policy update.

Date: September 17, 2014

To: UC Santa Cruz Managers and Supervisors

From: Interim AVC Staff Human Resources Lori Castro, AVC Academic Personnel Pamela Peterson, AVC Risk and Safety Services Jean Marie Scott

Subject: Implementation of UC CANRA Policy for Managers and Supervisors

In accordance with the July 1, 2013 policy mandate from the UC Office of the President, UC Santa Cruz is implementing California’s Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA). (A child is defined as anyone under the age of 18 years.) It is important that managers and supervisors are aware of their responsibilities under UC policy and the Act.

CANRA requires that employers identify Mandated Reporters—individuals who are required to report observed or suspected child abuse or neglect to designated law enforcement officials or social service agencies. Employers must obtain from Mandated Reporters written acknowledgement of these reporting obligations as a condition of employment or before engaging in activities that classify an individual as a Mandated Reporter.

Employees, including faculty and administrators, whose duties bring them into contact with children on a regular basis or who supervise others with such duties are Mandated Reporters. Although faculty are not typically “teachers” under CANRA (even when students under the age of 18 enroll in their classes), some faculty may be Mandated Reporters under other provisions of CANRA.

As a manager or supervisor, you are responsible for identifying Mandated Reporters within the employees that you supervise. While many Mandated Reporters are identified at the time of hire, activities or duties may change during the course of employment, and the campus relies on you to identify these individuals.

To assist you in understanding and complying with CANRA and how to identify Mandated Reporters, you are advised to review campus and systemwide information:

Please note that this email is not a notification that you are a Mandated Reporter. However, it is possible that you may receive notification designating you as a Mandated Reporter at a later date.

If you have any questions or believe that there are Mandated Reporters under your supervision, please contact one of the following:

Staff Employees: Staff Human Resources Compensation,

Academic Employees: Divisional Academic Personnel Coordinator or the Academic Personnel Office at 

Student Employees: Chris Arends – 831-459-4024 –