Campus Closure Notice: Staff HR Employment service deadlines and key dates.

October 20, 2014

From: Staff HR Employment Office

Re: Campus Closure Notice: Staff HR Employment service deadlines and key dates.

Please make note of the following Staff HR Employment Office service deadlines and key dates as you and/or your department hiring managers plan recruitment and hiring activity for the remainder of 2014. We ask that you broadly share this information with other colleagues involved in recruiting/hiring in your respective areas, as appropriate.

NOTE: Processing times are contingent upon all materials submitted to the Employment Office with complete and accurate information. Please feel free to contact Amy Kile with any questions or concerns related to the Employment Office service deadlines. Requests to begin a recruitment or job offer should be directed to your Talent Acquisition Consultant.

Posting of Recruitment Requests - All Types:

RMS recruitment requests classified by 3pm Wednesday, December 17th will be posted before campus closure. Requests classified after this deadline will be posted as time permits.

Initial Review Dates - Open & Campus Only Recruitments:

The last available Initial Review Date (IRD) before campus closure is Monday, December 22nd and the first available IRD following campus closure is Monday, January 5th 2015.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that a two-week minimum initial review period is required. To request an IRD of December 22nd (the last IRD for 2014) the job must be posted no later than Monday, December 8th.

Jobs that are posted after December 8th will be assigned an IRD of Monday, January 5th 2015 or later, as requested by the hiring unit.


Final advertising plans, purchase order numbers, and requests for Ad Copy must be submitted to Employment no later than 3pm Wednesday, December 17th in order to coordinate and confirm placement of ad campaigns before campus closure.

Formal Job Offers:

Employment staff will attempt to contact selected candidates before campus closure for all job offers submitted by 3pm Monday, December 15th. This extension to our established turnaround time for job offers is based on historical spikes in volume during previous years. Job offers submitted after December 15th will be processed as time permits.

New Employee Sign-up Meetings:

The last New Hire/Re-hire sign-up & on-boarding meeting for 2014 is scheduled for Thursday, December 18th. The first sign-up & on-boarding meeting following campus closure is scheduled for Monday, January 5th 2015 at 8:30 am.