UCSC Envision - Professional Development Pilot Program Expanded Campus-Wide

September 28, 2015


How will you use your membership?

Addressing a key Campus Strategic Goal of increased engagement through professional enrichment training and the challenges resulting from isolation between our units, key Senior Leadership members participated in a cross-functional pilot program from higher education professional development pioneer, Academic Impressions. “Participants in the pilot, realized significant differences between Academic Impressions and other professional development programs in that it is a singular source for professional development programs that span the institution, rather than focus on a specific functional area” said Linda Rhoads, Chief of Staff for Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor. This program is “learner-centric” designed for interaction and group collaboration. Members gain valuable cross spectrum exposure to the benefit of their entire teams. “This levels the playing field for departments with limited resources available to invest in staff development, and creates opportunities for individuals seeking to learn more about higher ed and academic administration” said Rhoads.

As a direct result of this pilot program, effective October 1, 2015, the entire UCSC campus is participating in Academic Impressions’ AI Pro yearly professional development memberships. The AI Pro membership gives access to hundreds of hours of training on the most critical issues facing higher education.

UCSC is participating in all four of the AI Pro memberships: Academic Affairs, Advancement, Enrollment Management and Student Affairs. Anyone with an @ucsc.edu e-mail address may use any of these memberships at any time.

UCSC AI Pro Member Benefits:

  • Share your membership with all of your colleagues at your institution--no limits
  • Watch live online trainings (webcasts) for free
  • Unlimited access to the online training library
  • Receive $100 off in-person training (conference) registrations

Academic Impressions (AI) provides research, publishing, and training on issues that directly impact the sustainability of higher education. Thier collaborative programs help Higher education professionals and their institutions tackle the issues that challenge their overall health and ability to compete. They address a range of issues related to student enrollment and learning, faculty support and engagement, alumni and donor support, and increasing organizational productivity. AI has published hundreds of articles and papers, interactive training programs, and topical and timely webcasts, serving over 50,000 academic and administrative leaders across 3,500 colleges and universities.

“This marks the first time we’ve offered a comprehensive, contemporary learning opportunity equally for every member of our campus! An important investment in our professional community with the potential for game changing return.”
- Lori Castro, Interim AVC for Staff Human Resources

Visit the Training & Development page for your access credentials and portal link.