Apply and Conquer! Simplification as a Value Informs Exciting Recruitment Solutions

September 28, 2015

Attainable solutions emerge around a shared ideal.

In FY 2013/14 BAS engaged campus stakeholders through a series of venues including Business Process Roundtables, electronic surveys, and other avenues of direct input to give feedback on BAS-related activities. Participants were asked to respond to three questions:

  1. What are examples (real or perceived) where BAS adds additional steps/requirements/approvals beyond UC Policy?

  1. What are examples (real or perceived) where UCSC adds additional steps/requirements/approvals beyond UC Policy?

  1. What are examples of BAS processes that are cumbersome not because of policy, but because of the manual/onerous nature of them?


Through this feedback process, the campus recruitment process emerged as one of the main areas with potential for improvement. A Solution Development Team (SDT) was used to advance client engagement in solution development. This is critical because:

  • The major dominos of actions must be surfaced

  • There is a diversity of operations across the campus and getting multiple perspectives is key

  • Enhancing understanding of process goals is critical

  • Ensuring broad understanding of the policies governing operations is critical


The Team was charged to answer the following questions:

  1. How are we engaging clients to ensure they are aware of recruitment processes and policies?

  1. What are areas where our clients believe we are providing conflicting information on the policies and processes governing recruitment?

  1. How can we ensure we are proactively getting client feedback about their experience with the recruitment processes on campus?

  1. Are there currently steps in the recruitment process that could be simplified?

  1. During what steps in the recruitment process do clients experience delays?

  1. What would an implementation plan and timeline look like to address some of the communication and process improvements in the recruitment process?

The Team’s report was issued March 13, 2015, and is available at the following link:

Solution Development Team
Final Report - Recruitment

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