Systemwide Career Tracks Job Builder Discussion

August 12, 2016


Brad Chilcoat, leads systemwide Career Tracks representatives in an in depth discussion of the upcoming Job Builder tool.

UCSC Staff HR Career Tracks Team members Hannah Whelan and Detmar Finke attended a system-wide discussion at UC Office of the President regarding the Job Builder Function of the Career Tracks Initiative.

The upcoming Job Builder is an online tool used for viewing Career Tracks job standards and creating pre-populated position description templates and is being designed to be utilized by every UC location.

With Job Builder, managers and supervisors are able to create position descriptions and associate them with their appropriate non-represented employees while the employees are provided with the option to view and refer to them. Navigation of Job Builder has been designed to be easy and user intuitive to make it easy for users to search for Job Standards and create Position Descriptions.

Lots of exciting updates to follow as the tool is further developed!

All questions regarding Job Builder should be directed to or visit the Career Tracks Website for ongoing updates and information.

 Career Tracks Team on the SHR Rooftop Garden

Staff Human Resources at Office of the President served us lunch on their own rooftop garden; part of a fantastic team building event!