2016-2017 Winter Curtailment: SHR Talent Acquisition Office Deadlines

November 02, 2016

Unit Managers: Please post a paper copy of this message for anyone who does not have regular computer access.

From: Staff HR Employment Office

You are receiving this message because you are a member of HRAG, ABOG, Staff HR, or are a user of the Recruitment Management System (RMS).

Please note the following SHR Talent Acquisition Office service deadlines and key dates as you and/or your department hiring managers plan recruitment and hiring activity for the remainder of 2016. We ask that you share this information broadly with other colleagues involved in recruiting/hiring in your respective areas, as appropriate. For more information, please use this link to view the Winter Campus Curtailment 2016-2017 announcement sent October 27, 2016. 

Recruitment Requests - All Types:
RMS recruitment requests classified by 12 noon Wednesday, December 14th will be posted before the winter curtailment begins. Recruitment requests classified after this deadline will be posted as time permits.  

Initial Review Dates:
The last available Initial Review Date (IRD) before the winter curtailment begins is Monday, December 19th and the first available IRD following the winter curtailment is Wednesday, January 4th 2017.
IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that initial review periods must be a minimum of 2 weeks. To request an IRD of December 19th (the last IRD for 2016) the job must be posted no later than Monday, December 5th. Jobs that are posted after December 5th will be assigned an IRD of Wednesday, January 4th 2017 or later, as requested by the hiring unit.

Final advertising plans, purchase order numbers, and requests for Ad Copy must be submitted no later than 12 noon Wednesday, December 14th in order to coordinate and confirm placement of ad campaigns before winter curtailment begins. 

Formal Job Offers:
Talent Acquisition Consultants will attempt to contact selected candidates before winter curtailment begins for all job offers submitted by 12 noon on Monday, December 12th.  Job offers submitted after this deadline will be processed as time permits.  NOTE: Historically we experience a sharp increase in job offer activity leading up to winter curtailment; submitting job offers during the week of December 5th will be ideal. 

New Employee On-Boarding Meetings:
The last New Hire/Re-hire on-boarding meeting for 2016 is scheduled for Monday, December 19th. The first on-boarding meeting following the winter curtailment is scheduled for Tuesday, January 3rd 2017 at 8:30 am. 

*PLEASE NOTE:  Processing times listed here are contingent upon all materials being submitted with complete and accurate information. Please feel free to contact your Talent Acquisition Consultant with any questions or concerns.