UC Launches the People Management Certificate Program

December 12, 2016

Photo by: Steve Kurtz, UC Regents - All rights reserved

The University of California recognizes the importance of developing our managers and supervisors, as well as preparing people for future roles. We are excited to offer this certificate program to help you better succeed in a leadership position.

This program will help to further develop skills and provide new opportunities in leadership for anyone who manages or supervises others. This program consists of completing a series of core and elective eCourses including the following competency areas: Performance Management, Managing People, Administration and Operations, Change Management and Communications. It is designed to increase our people management capabilities at UC Santa Cruz as well as across the entire UC system.

“I am really excited about this series. It greatly expands our ability to deliver highly engaging management and supervision training to the campus. I encourage you to try out these efficient, on-demand ecourses.” - Bill Parro, UCSC Training & Development Manager

What are the benefits of completing the Series and Certificate?

  • Builds baseline management skills for all people managers
  • Increases opportunity for promotion and potential for future leadership positions
  • Offers easily accessible online courses that are learner-centric and self-paced
  • Builds on coursework already completed
  • Key component of UC People Management Competencies

In order to obtain a People Management Certificate, participants will need to complete all 10 Core Courses and 4 Elective Courses - one from each of the 4 Competency Areas. See the UC People Management Series and Certificate Course List for details.

UC People Management eCourses are available through the UC Learning Center.

For comments, more information, or if you have any questions, please email the UC Learning Center: LearningCenter@ucsc.edu