2016-17 Appraisal Call

June 16, 2017

Greetings Principal Officers and Colleagues,

This communication describes the UC Santa Cruz 2016/17 performance appraisal schedule and the pay for performance practice now required across all UC campuses.

The UC Santa Cruz Pay for Performance Program for Policy Covered Staff

The campus pay for performance program began in 2016 in alignment with President Napolitano’s pay for performance initiative. The program’s goal is to recognize stronger performers with higher salary increases. This is the second year our campus is using the pay for performance program as part of our overall compensation and performance management practice.

This call for performance appraisals requires the concerted efforts of all campus managers. We have outlined the key elements below. The merit call for policy covered employees will go out in early August.

Call for Performance Appraisals

Appraisals for policy covered staff for the 2016/17 review period must be completed by Friday, July 28, 2017. Appraisals for represented staff are due Friday, September 1, 2017.

Managers who are scheduled to leave for the summer months or who supervise staff on summer furloughs, should complete their performance appraisals in June to meet the deadlines.

The purpose of performance management is to effectively engage teams in the mission of the university. The key to effective performance management involves a few key elements:

  • Crafting goals that are specific, important (mission-based) and measurable.

  • Frequent and candid feedback to all team members about their performance.

  • Coaching and support for staff to enable them to achieve their goals.

When goals are done well and feedback is occurring frequently, the annual performance appraisals become a time to summarize communications that have been occurring all year long. It is expected that all eligible employees have an appraisal every year. And, a completed appraisal is required as part of the annual pay for performance cycle

New Online Electronic Performance Appraisal System

This year we have developed an online electronic form to replace all the previous paper-based forms. Please note: All staff (represented and non-represented) may be appraised using the new electronic form.

For access to the online electronic form, please go to https://appraisals.ucsc.edu, and log in with your CruzID and blue password. When you log into the system, please go first to the “help and tutorials” link in the left hand navigation. From there you can find step by step instructions and screenshots for guidance through the process. Help is available by emailing appraisals@ucsc.edu. Please note: with this call the appraisal test environment is closed to avoid confusion.

Managers and supervisors are encouraged to keep appraisals succinct. It is not necessary to report each and every detail of performance. The appraisal is a summary of performance of key expectations including goals and core job responsibilities. It should focus on the impact of performance with a few examples and explanation of the overall rating.

Staff HR provides consulting and training to support managers and supervisors in completing the appraisals. Your Employee Relations (ER) Analyst can provide you with advice and assistance in discussing pay for performance with your staff and in writing performance appraisals. As a reminder: when reviewing a performance issue that may warrant the rating of “improvement needed,” or “unsatisfactory,” please engage with your ER Analyst for assistance prior to delivering the performance appraisal.

Town Halls and Training Workshops on Performance Management

Please encourage all staff employees to take advantage of the Performance Appraisal Town Halls and related training opportunities to familiarize themselves with the system and its format. Information about training can be found on the SHR website: https://shr.ucsc.edu/compensation/comp_programs/p4p-merit-program/index.html.

SHR has been and will continue to offer a variety of free, online, and instructor-led trainings including:

  • Custom training/consulting within your organization is available upon request. Please see below for contact information.

  • Optional short classroom or webinar follow-ups to the online training will be scheduled according to demand. These will focus on campus specific requirements and procedures, and will provide the opportunity to ask questions and have discussions with other supervisors.

Contact Frank Widman at fwidman@ucsc.edu for training related questions. If you have enrollment questions, please contact Julie Black at jxblack@ucsc.edu.

For further information regarding the performance appraisal process or pay for performance, do not hit “reply." Please contact your Employee Relations (ER) Analyst to arrange an in-person consultation with your division/unit.

The pay for performance program for policy covered staff represents a cultural shift in our compensation model throughout the University of California system and on our campus. This model relies on frequent performance feedback on goals and objectives. On behalf of our local pay for performance work team, staff human resources, and our campus’ administration, thank you for work on this.

Please share this message with all managers and supervisors in your organization and let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you,


Steven J. Stein
Associate Vice Chancellor & CHRO
Staff Human Resources
University of California, Santa Cruz
408-420-2224 cell
831-459-5806 office