2017-2018 Annual Overtime Compensation Election

June 21, 2017

Pay vs. Vacation: You decide what goes in your overtime bank!

UNIT MANAGERS: Please post a paper copy of this message in your work area for employees who do not have regular access to a computer.

To:      Managers
           Represented Non-Exempt Employees in the CX, HX, RX, SX and TX Units

From:   Employee & Labor Relations – Staff Human Resources

Re:      2017-2018 Annual Overtime Compensation Election for Represented Non-Exempt Employees

The month of June is the annual overtime compensation election period for represented non-exempt employees in the following bargaining units:

  • Clerical Employees (CX)
  • Residual Health Care Professionals (HX)
  • Research Support Professionals (RX)
  • Service Employees (SX)
  • Technical Employees (TX)

During the month of June, for the departments/units that continue to offer the option of compensatory time, employees in the bargaining units listed above can make a change to their current overtime compensation election. To make this change, the employee must file a written indication of preference to receive compensatory time off (CTO) for overtime hours worked. The effective date of change for this election period is July 2, 2017.

If an employee wishes to make a change to their current overtime compensation election, the 2017/2018 Annual Overtime Election Form must be completed and submitted to their Staff Human Resources Operations Specialist, no later than July 7, 2017. Employees who do not return an election form will have their current preference for CTO or pay continued.

Employees in the following units are not being asked to complete an overtime election form at this time because their labor agreement does not require a June election:

  • Patient Care Technical Employees (EX)
  • Police Officers (PA)
  • Registered Nurses (NX)
  • Skilled Crafts Employees (K7)

Please contact your Employee & Labor Relations Analyst with any questions you have.