Upcoming Project and Event Impacts at Staff Human Resources

April 30, 2018

From: Steve Stein and SHR managers
Subject: Upcoming Project and Event Impacts at Staff Human Resources
Copy: Principal Officers, SHR Team

Dear Colleagues:

The purpose of this note is to let you know about various upcoming projects and how they will impact our usual SHR and unit-level workflow and turnaround times.

During the next few months, we are all facing some normal end-of-year events such as: performance appraisals, STAR Awards, and student and staff employee extensions.

This year, during the same period, SHR is also facing important time-sensitive one-of-a-kind projects that will stretch the resources of both SHR and our unit colleagues. These events include: labor actions and the associated administrative and emotional impact before, during and after the actual event; UCPath preparations; contract and wage implementations; compensation process improvements and Campus Welfare Committee (CWC) recommendation follow-ups.

As you probably know by now, a three-day, UC-wide strike has been announced that will run from 4:00 AM on Monday, May 7th to 4:00 AM on May 10. The lives of virtually all UC Santa Cruz faculty, students and staff will be impacted. The impact on SHR is likely to be noticeable during this period. We are already altering our normal work in advance of the strike; and there will be protracted aftereffects as we deal with a myriad of one-of-kind situations.

Here is what you can expect from SHR during this period of unusually high work volume:

  • SHR will prioritize the competing work items based on consultations with our colleagues in the units and inform clients when turnaround times on “business-as-usual” items such as job postings or equity reviews may be delayed or impacted.
  • SHR will issue appropriate written notices explaining any noteworthy special projects, changes or urgent action items.
  • SHR may schedule conference calls with unit colleagues on an as-needed basis.

Here is what we are asking from you:
  • Please forward your questions to the appropriate SHR contact person as soon as you have concerns with any of the topics mentioned above.
  • Please be mindful that some of the normal turnaround times or processes may be interrupted when there are labor actions or other disruptive events. We will keep you posted on important developments.

Thank you for your partnership and understanding on this. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Here to serve the campus,

Steven J. Stein
Associate Vice Chancellor & CHRO
Staff Human Resources
University of California, Santa Cruz
408-420-2224 cell
831-459-5806 office