UC Launches Micro-Websites for Updates to AFSCME Service (SX) and Nurse (NX) Bargaining

June 28, 2018

Good morning, Colleagues,

Office of the President released two micro websites today to provide information and updates regarding AFSCME Service (SX) and Nurse (NX) bargaining. The purpose of these websites is to provide the University's position on negotiations and correct misinformation that has spread throughout the course of the University's negotiations with these bargaining units.

As supervisors, managers, and HR professionals, you may widely share these resources with your colleagues and staff.

The micro website related to nurse negotiations may be found here.

The micro website related to AFSCME service negotiations may be found here. For our AFSCME managers, please note the bargaining updates on the left side of the website. The top two communications, one in English and one in Spanish, represent letters that UCOP sent to SX employees via their work email and U.S. mail to their home address. If you work closely with SX staff, please familiarize yourself with these communications and contact your appropriate ELR representative if you have questions.

Should anyone have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.