Talent Development and PPSM 20

August 22, 2018

To:       UC Santa Cruz Staff
From:  Steve Stein, Associate Vice Chancellor, Staff Human Resources
Re:      Talent Development and PPSM 20

The University of California (UC) and UC Santa Cruz staff HR (SHR) have recognized staff development as a priority and an essential tool in supporting overall university excellence. Promoting professional growth and development opportunities is imperative to engaging and retaining talented staff as they navigate their careers.

The UC-wide policy PPSM 20, Recruitment and Promotion, was recently revised with the objective of fostering career development in the UC system. This message describes how UC Santa Cruz will implement this policy given where we are in the evolution of our campus talent development practices.

The revised policy describes “campus only recruitment” and “internal promotion” as two available processes for advancement and/or development. At this time, UC Santa Cruz will be using only the “campus only recruitment” option while we focus on developing our own existing processes to support talent development and assessment.

Key Criteria of the Campus Only Recruitment Process:

  • Campus Only Recruitment (COR) is a competitive process to engage and grow all qualified staff who are already members of our campus community.

  • COR is to be used for recruitment of non-represented positions only. However, any employee--represented or non-represented--may apply for a COR position.

  • The hiring manager should have a high level of confidence that qualified candidates exist on campus.

  • In consultation with the Affirmative Action Officer, the campus Chief Human Resources Officer has determined that, effective through 6/30/2020, the use of the campus-only recruitment process is appropriate in cases when there is an expectation that qualified internal candidates exist among the UC Santa Cruz workforce. Therefore, during this time period hiring managers are not required to obtain additional approval to run a campus-only recruitment. After 6/30/2020, the Affirmative Action Officer and the campus Chief Human Resources Officer will determine if the campus-only recruitment process is consistent with UC Santa Cruz equal employment and affirmative action objectives.

The advantages of “campus only recruitment” include:

  • Fostering advancement of our campus staff to new roles where their local experiences and expertise may be leveraged in another unit or department.

  • Increasing retention and engagement. It typically takes far less time and money and personnel resources for an internal hire to acclimate to a new role compared with an external hire. Motivated and engaged staff are more productive and make greater contributions to goals.

  • Transparency and openness. Ensuring that qualified candidates on our campus have an opportunity to compete fairly for roles when they possess transferable skills, experiences or other qualifications that might not be immediately known to the hiring manager. Even when a hiring manager believes they have identified one strong internal candidate, other qualified candidates may emerge.

The “internal promotion” section of the policy requires a process to identify “all qualified candidates.” Prior to implementing this program on our campus, Staff HR will be working on developing a process that satisfies this requirement. Additionally, as SHR readies our campus for the implementation of internal promotion we will continue to develop a comprehensive talent management program for UC Santa Cruz that will include tools for skills assessment, opportunities for professional development, and a process for talent review.

SHR will be working with campus units to roll out the campus only recruitment process and begin a longer term initiative to build additional talent development strategies. Building organizational strength is core to the SHR purpose and we will be engaging with campus partners to achieve this goal. PPSM 20 forum dates will be announced.


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Steven J. Stein
Associate Vice Chancellor & CHRO
Staff Human Resources
University of California, Santa Cruz