Office of the President revises staff policy PPSM 21, Selection and Appointment

August 24, 2018

To:     UC Santa Cruz Staff
From: Steven Stein, Associate Vice Chancellor & CHRO
Re:     Office of the President revises staff policy PPSM 21, Selection and Appointment

The UC Office of the President recently revised an important staff policy, Selection and Appointment - PPSM 21. PPSM 21 revisions include changes to the background check process, disclosure of information, and employment eligibility determinations.

This amended policy represents significant changes for all UC campuses. While the task of reorienting our campus hiring practices to adhere to this new policy falls under the purview of Staff Human Resources (SHR), all campus units are ultimately impacted by these changes. These changes will be implemented under the following guidelines for all staff job offer requests with critical functions submitted to Talent Acquisition on or after September 17, 2018.

  • Background checks are now required prior to appointment of candidates into positions responsible for performing critical functions. Background check requests may not be initiated until the selected candidate has received a conditional job offer from Talent Acquisition (TA). The background check process does not apply to non-critical positions.
  • The policy stipulates that SHR shall be solely responsible for the assessment and final determination of employment eligibility for candidates with potentially disqualifying information. SHR will not disclose the specifics or nature of potentially disqualifying information to hiring units at any point in the assessment, hiring, or employment processes.

The candidate may begin employment with UC Santa Cruz in a critical position once they have passed the background check. This change may result in extended turnaround times before a start date is determined. In order to retain candidates during this process, please stay in frequent contact with your candidate and consult with SHR Talent Acquisition for additional guidance.

Going forward, when a candidate is cleared for a critical function, an additional background check may not be required.

For questions related to:

  • Submitted background checks, please email
  • Conditional offer status, please consult a member of the Talent Acquisition team at 831-459-2009
  • Fingerprinting process, please reference the Campus Mail Services web page 

We appreciate your partnership as the campus navigates the implementation of this amended policy.


Thank you,

Steven J. Stein
Associate Vice Chancellor & CHRO
Staff Human Resources
University of California, Santa Cruz
408-420-2224 cell
831-459-5806 office