Call For Applications: Spring 2019 MSAP Program

December 21, 2018

Staff Human Resources is pleased to announce recruitment for the Spring 2019 Management Skills Assessment Program (MSAP). The program is designed to assess the management skills of high-potential, *early*-career supervisors, managers, and professionals for future leadership opportunities at the University.

Applications are currently being accepted for the Spring 2019 program, scheduled for April 8-11, 2019. Three (3) individuals will be selected from the pool of applications. It is strongly recommended that department heads discuss the program with supervisors, managers, and professionals who exhibit potential for management development and encourage them to apply.

Eligibility requirements for participants include:

  • Classification at PSS Grades H-K
  • Full-time career status with a current, satisfactory (or better)
    performance evaluation

Highest priority will be given to individuals with demonstrated management career path (through education and/or experience; and one to five years in current job). Participants will be selected based on an evaluation of the applicant’s: (1) career goals in management, (2) level of skills essential for performing management functions, and (3) demonstrated career path and/or strong commitment to management skill development.

Further information and the 2019 online MSAP application form (including applicant and supervisor components) can be found at:

The cost for the program is $1,300 (including all program materials and room and board for three days and two nights), payable through recharge.

Completed applications must be submitted online by Monday, January 21, 2019.

For more information, contact the Campus Coordinator:

Marc Emile Johnston
Learning & Development Coordinator