Update on PPSM 20 Internal Promotion Local Procedure

September 20, 2019

Unit Managers: Please post a paper copy of this message for anyone who does not have regular computer access.

To:       All Staff Employees
From:  Steve Stein, Associate Vice Chancellor, Staff Human Resources
Re:      Update on PPSM 20 Internal Promotion Local Procedure

In summer 2018, the UC policy called PPSM 20, Recruitment and Promotion, was revised with the objective of fostering career development within the system. The policy emphasized “internal promotions and recruitments.”

In fall 2018, Staff HR began implementing the campus-only recruitment (COR) part of the policy. Since then our campus has conducted 58 campus only recruitments resulting in 39 employees being selected for new roles. In addition, during the same period we have had 141 internal staff take on new roles through open recruitments. That makes a total of 180 current staff taking on new roles during the past twelve months.

A PPSM 20 workgroup was tasked with developing a consistent process to address the “internal promotion” aspect of the policy. The workgroup invested significant time including consultation with our sister UC campuses. We learned that no other campus was attempting to tackle the challenging internal promotion policy language and design at this time.

Our workgroup identified several barriers we will need to overcome before we can implement the “internal promotion” portion of the policy. Some of the barriers are due to competing projects such as UCPath. Another foundational barrier we are just now starting to tackle is improving our succession management strategy and practices. Fortunately, Adrienne Harrell, our learning and development (L&D) manager has begun piloting a UC-wide licensed program that contains some essential elements of an internally consistent and fair internal promotion program (e.g., identifying and assessing job readiness). 

The workgroup remains intact, but our efforts are mostly paused until spring of 2020 when we expect UCPath to be up and running. Meanwhile, we will continue to develop and promote the work that L&D has underway on succession planning. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Thank you for your support of developing our internal talent.