UCPath Impact: 2019 SHR Deadlines: Hires, Job Offers, and Onboarding

October 31, 2019

UCPath--a new system-wide payroll and HR system--is finally coming to our campus! This project has been in the works for several years and we will cut over from PPS to UCPath in December.
The first paychecks will be generated from UCPath in early January.

In these final months of preparation for the launch of UCPath, there is much work that Staff Human Resources (SHR) must do to ensure a smooth transition into UCPath. To facilitate a smooth transfer between old and new systems, SHR is setting an internal deadline for entering personnel actions into PPS.

SHR’s Internal Deadline for Completion of PPS Entry

All actions that require PPS entry need to be fully completed by SHR on or before Monday, 11/25/19. SHR does not control the date when access to PPS entry will be turned off. We’re setting our internal deadline to ensure we have enough time to enter final transactions into the old system.

For actions that are known to take a while to review and process (e.g. classification reviews, equities, stipends, etc.), requests must be received by SHR with sufficient lead time to process, analyse, and enter them by 11/25/19.

Even though we will be entering PPS actions up through 11/25/19, we are anticipating an exceptionally large volume of requests between now and that time. As a result, it is highly recommended that requests be submitted as early as possible and much earlier than 11/25/19. Submitting any PPS-entry action on the 25th will almost certainly result in the action being postponed until January, once we're in UCPath.

Open Enrollment for Benefits

It is important to note that all actions received by the Open Enrollment deadline of 5:00 PM on 11/26/19 will be entered into AYSO and converted into UCPath. The deadline for Open Enrollment is firm and there are no exceptions to this deadline. We strongly urge you to submit your Open Enrollment requests early this year.

PPS-Entry Actions not Completed Before 11/25/19

For PPS-entry actions that are not completed in SHR by 11/25/19, SHR will review them on a case-by-case basis to determine:

  • Whether SHR still has access to PPS - we do not control that.
  • Whether it is a (very rare) circumstance that warrants emergency action to be taken.
  • The risk to the client for cut-over/go-live errors outweighing the potential benefit of post-November 25th entry into PPS.

Thank you for collaborating with us as we navigate through these changes and improvements of our campus systems. This transition will help us to serve the campus in more effective ways.

To ask questions or to consult about your future actions that require PPS entry, please reach out to SHR and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Talent Team Services; End of Year Deadlines 

Talent Acquisition (TA), in Staff HR, is in the process of finalizing details for providing quality service leading up to and during the winter curtailment and UCPath launch. The planning is more difficult this year, due to the implementation of UCPath and the very late Thanksgiving date. So far, we have the final dates for hires, job offers, and onboarding. Final dates for RMS postings will be announced as soon as they are available.

Hires for 2019

Due to final SHR preparations to launch UCPath, December hire dates will not be available. All actions requiring PPS entry must be analyzed and entered in PPS by the internal SHR deadline of Monday, November 25th. So, November 25th is the last available date for hires and onboarding in 2019

Job Offers and Background Checks

All job offer and background check activity must be completed before onboarding. As stated in the “Hires for 2019” section above, November 25th is the last date for hires and onboarding in 2019. Therefore, if you would like a 2019 start date, we strongly recommend submitting your job offer requests by November 4th, to allow plenty of time for the background check processing required for a November 25th start date (the last start date available this year).

Any job offer made in December will result in a start date after the New Year. Due to winter curtailment, Talent Acquisition Consultants (TACs) will place job offer calls for all job offers submitted by noon on Monday, December 9th. For submissions after that date, we will make job offer calls if time permits - though, our ability to do so will be heavily impacted by UCPath launch preparations.

SPECIAL NOTE: A three-step process applies to job offers for critical positions:

  1. TAC extends conditional job offer. Then, if the candidate accepts...
  2. Hiring unit initiates background check. Then, if the candidate passes the check...
  3. TAC contacts the candidate to finalize the offer and determine the start date.
    1. Note: start dates are not permitted while a background check is still in progress.

Onboarding Sessions

The last New Hire/Rehire onboarding session for 2019 is scheduled for Monday, November 25th. The first onboarding session following the winter curtailment is scheduled for Monday, January 6th, 2020.

If you have any questions about these TA dates, please feel free to reach out to Amy Kile: ackile@ucsc.edu.
To ask questions or to consult about your recruitment, please contact your TAC.