Narrowing of the non-represented staff salary ranges

March 05, 2021

TO: Principal Officers, Managers and Supervisors
FROM: Steve Stein, Associate Vice Chancellor, Staff Human Resources,
Shelby Young, Compensation and Operations Manager

RE: Narrowing of the non-represented staff salary ranges

This communication is to provide you with information regarding the initiative to narrow the non-represented staff salary ranges which will take effect in early April.

In response to the California State Audit conducted in 2017, Office of the President, Systemwide Compensation commissioned an external market analysis by an independent consulting firm to ensure the market-competitiveness of the system-wide career tracks salary ranges. Based on this review, it was determined that the salary ranges for non-represented positions needed to be narrowed to more closely match the salary range structures of our higher education comparators. A complete list of the new ranges can be seen in this table.

As a result of the salary range changes, employees whose salaries fall below the new minimum will have their pay increased to the new range minimum. The increase to minimum will be effective April 1, 2021, for monthly paid employees, and April 4, 2021, for bi-weekly paid employees. Employees who fall above the new range maximum will not have their salary reduced.

In mid-March, another communication will be sent to principal officers, managers and supervisors who have affected employees. The communication will contain a list of the affected employees and individual letters explaining the change to their salaries. The managers and/or supervisors should provide the letters to the employees before April 1, 2021.

For more information regarding the initiative to narrow the ranges, please visit our website or contact your Compensation Analyst.