2012-13 Annual Call for Staff Performance Appraisals

May 09, 2013

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From:   Jo Packham, Assistant Vice Chancellor – Staff Human Resources

Re:       2012-13 Call for Staff Performance Appraisals

Performance appraisals are an essential component of performance management to engage and support staff. To do their best, staff members want to know that their contributions are recognized and acknowledged.  For the 2012-13 review period, managers are asked to submit performance appraisals for all career employees to their Staff Human Resources Employee & Labor Relations (ELR) Analyst by Monday August 26, 2013.  Managers who are scheduled to leave for the summer months or who supervise staff on summer furloughs should complete their performance appraisals in June 2013 to meet the August 26, 2013 deadline.

Ideally, the performance appraisal process should be a positive, reflective time that comprehensively summarizes the ongoing discussions between the supervisor and employee that have occurred during the year. This process is also the time to review performance as well as update the job description, discuss goals, plan future work, and establish an employee development plan that supports job specific skills and career aspirations.

Staff Human Resources provides a number of resources to support managers and supervisors in completing the appraisals including:

  • Standardized appraisal forms are provided at: http://shr.ucsc.edu/procedures/performance/index.html
    Your division may choose to designate one or more specific forms to be used, depending on the job responsibilities for employees being reviewed.
  • Your ELR Analyst can provide you with advice, and assist you in writing performance appraisals. We encourage consultation in advance of the official appraisal meeting with the staff member, particularly if performance issues exist.
  • Writing and Delivering Performance Appraisals training:
    • Classroom trainings will be provided on May 29, July 10 or August 1, 2013.
    • Webinars are scheduled for June 28, July 26 or August 9, 2013.
    • There is no fee to participate, enrollment is required. Click for more details and to enroll.

For further information regarding the performance management process and the available training opportunities, please contact your ELR Analyst or email elrinfo@ucsc.edu.


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