SHR Operations

SHR Operations is responsible for the following services:

Unit/Divisional Contacts

Please follow this link to locate the Service Operations Specialists assigned to your unit or division.

Staff Directory - SHR Operations

Mailstop: SHR-Service Teams
Location: 100 Enterprise Way
Area Code: (831)
Fax: 459-2661

Shelby Young Compensations & Operations Manager 459-2223
Robin Reid Operations & CruzPay Manager 459-5788
Dee Steele Operations & CruzPay Assistant Manager 459-2952
Beverly Cranford CruzPay Analyst 459-1579
Melody Eldridge Lead Operations Specialist 459-4785
Tiffany Nicholas Lead Operations Specialist 459-1863
Brynne Huntting Operations Specialist 459-5192
Dana Michelosen Operations Specialist 459-2221
Jose Gaona Operations Specialist 459-1443
Katie Newman Operations Specialist 459-4751
Paula McCall Operations Specialist 459-1394
Stephanie Sullivan Operations Specialist 459-3084

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