CruzPay Information

When you are within the maximum vacation notification period, CruzPay will fire an exception message informing you.  Once this message fires, you will need to acknowledge it by clicking the Acknowledge box.  The exception provides information on accessing this site for more information.

If you are granted an exception to the maximum vacation threshold, you should be working with your supervisor on a plan to bring your vacation balances below the maximum. The following steps should be followed to report vacation hours during the extension period.

Exception message when approaching maximum vacation
Vacation extension banks are manual banks managed by your Timekeeper.  Once you reach the maximum threshold, CruzPay will no longer accrue vacation hours for you. 

Once the exception is granted, your Timekeeper will open the Vacation Extension Hours bank in your Time-Off Balances tab on your timesheet.  S/he will manually adjust accruals and usage during your extension period.

Vacation extension bank

Reporting vacation hours taken:

  • Use the Vacation Taken paycode to report the number of elapsed hours you are using each day. (Exempt employees report absences in whole-day increments.)
  • Add a comment to the entry informing your Timekeeper that you are in maximum vacation exception status.
  • Save the entry.
How to enter your vacation time

Your Timekeeper will manually change the Vacation Taken paycode you used to Vacation Lost Taken, which will move the hours reported from the Vacation Bank to the Vacation Extension Hours bank.

Hours in the Vacation Extension Hours bank must be used before hours are deducted from your Vacation Bank.

Once your extension period has ended and you have not reduced your balance below the maximum, future vacation accruals will be suspended until you are below your maximum.