Notification Email Template (Non-CruzPay Users)

If the employee does not use CruzPay to report their time, the template below should be used by HR Timekeepers to notify the employee and their supervisor that they will reach their maximum vacation accrual within 60 to 90 days. per PPSM policy and collective bargaining agreements.   

Note: extension periods must dovetail to policy and collective bargaining agreements.

Copy and Paste into email client:



Dear [Recipient Name]:

RE:     Reaching Maximum Vacation Accrual Threshold    

 (copy/paste from PPS)
 (copy/paste from PPS)
(date email communication sent)

This notice is to inform you that you will soon reach your maximum vacation accrual.

Please review the information on the Maximum Vacation Webpage [] to understand your options and responsibilities.  Note:  If the hyperlink does not work, you can copy/paste the site information into your browser window.

Note:  If you do not take action, your vacation accrual will be suspended once your maximum accrual threshold has been reached.


[Your name / title]

  • Supervisor
  • Unit Head
  • File