Request an Exception

There are only four reasons why an extension to the maximum vacation threshold can be extended (see below). All extension requests must be completed, appropriately approved and received in (Staff or Academic) Human Resources PRIOR TO reaching the maximum vacation threshold.
  1. Temporary or unexpected reductions in unit staffing levels;
  2. Critical time-sensitive projects or events that prevent employees from taking vacation;
  3. Long term vacancies, which cannot be filled and which impact department operations;
  4. Unplanned leaves during the same period of time.
Unit head approval is necessary to approve an exception request.

To find the maximum extension period allowed by policy and/or collective bargaining agreement, please see the Policy and Contract Information link (on the left) to view your specific extension period. To request an exception, please download, review and legibly complete the Max Vacation Exception Request document, obtain the appropriate approvals and send the document as a PDF to the HR Max Vacation email address [ ].  

Once the exception request is received, it will be reviewed, approved or denied within 10-business days. If approved, vacation accrual will be extended retroactive to request date, up to the maximum allowed by policy and/or collective bargaining agreements. 

Once the exception period has ended - vacation accrual will be suspended until the employee is once again below their maximum threshold.