Career Tracks

Career Tracks management tools put UC careers on the right track

Applied Job Description Clarity and Simplification 

The Career Tracks program is based on a modular job classification framework that aligns non-represented jobs to their respective labor market by occupation and supports the development of career paths designed to enhance career mobility. The Career Tracks approach represents a commitment to consistent treatment of all staff as well as to transparency in policy and process, and recognition of the roles that all campus community members have in the health of the workplace. 

Implementation of Career Tracks at all UC locations is a high priority of President Janet Napolitano. It has already gone live at several campuses, as well as at the Office of the President. Implementation is currently underway at Davis, San Francisco, San Diego, and Santa Barbara. Here in Santa Cruz, Information Technology Services, working closely with Staff Human Resources, implemented Career Tracks job titles for all non represented employees in the informative and successful Pilot Programs in February and in December of 2015.

Immediate Benefits:

  • Implement a system-wide series of job classifications/titles that reflect primary job responsibilities and UC systemwide norms

  • Provide employees with better-defined career paths

  • Align future pay practices with the local labor market

  • Provide more transparent classification decisions and enhance reporting and analytic capabilities

Next Steps:

  • Staff will be mapped to new Job Standards

  • Existing job descriptions will be updated to reflect new alignment

  • Assignment to new model will not change current job responsibilities

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