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  • Background Checks Under Shelter-in-place Order (COVID-19)
    • How will background checks be conducted during the shelter-in-place order?
      Effective immediately, and until further notice, Campus Mail Services is not providing LiveScan services for campus. 
      Instead, all background checks will be conducted via HireRight. HireRight is used only for candidates who currently reside outside of California, who cannot undergo a CA DOJ LiveScan. However, due to operational changes resulting from COVID-19, we will extend the use of HireRight to all background checks. This includes job candidates, student employees, volunteers, and compensation actions for current staff.
      Individuals who are cleared to work using HireRight during this temporary suspension of fingerprinting services due to COVID-19 will need to be LiveScanned when fingerprinting is available again on campus.
      The process for initiating a HireRight background check is different from LiveScan.
      Hiring managers will receive instructions on how to proceed with the HireRight process from SHR when they are notified that their candidate has accepted their conditional offer of employment.
      The process involves the hiring manager 1) opening a PO in the amount of $75 and 2) forwarding information to backgrnd@ucsc.edu: PO#, name of hire, personal email address of hire, and RMS job#, and the hiring manager’s name. Staff HR (BAPPR) will initiate the background check in the HireRight system, and HireRight will notify the candidate via email with instructions on how to proceed.
      Hiring managers will be notified of updates on the status of the background check via email.
      For this temporary period, Staff HR (BAPPR) will track which new employees will need to be LiveScanned when fingerprinting services become available again, and will notify hiring managers and employees when appropriate.