Background Check Assessment Process

  1. The SHR Business Administration, Policy, Process and Resources (BAPPR) team will receive the Background Check (Livescan) results from the Department of Justice (DOJ).
  2. If the results contain Potentially Disqualifying Information (PDI), the information will be routed to the appropriate Employee Relations (ER) Analyst who will then determine whether or not the information warrants convening the Assessment Team (A Team). This team is comprised of a member from ER, Talent Acquisition (TA), and the BAPPR Teams.
  3. If the PDI does not warrant further assessment, the ER analyst will indicate that the hire can proceed. If the PDI does warrant analysis, the A Team admin will send a delay notice to the unit while the A Team convenes to assess the PDI.
  4. When the A Team meets to review the PDI, they will assess said PDI based on the criteria dictated by policy. The A Team may also request additional information from the candidate.
  5. If the A Team determines that the PDI does not present risk/nexus to the critical functions of the position which would disqualify the candidate, no disclosure of the PDI will be made to the unit or candidate and the formal offer may be finalized.
  6. If the PDI presents a risk/nexus which disqualifies the candidate from employment eligibility the candidate will be provided a copy of the PDI and applicable appeal entitlements. If the candidate does not provide sufficient mitigating information, the candidate, the unit, and TA(for staff) or SHR Operations (for students) are informed that the candidate has been disqualified from employment and the conditional offer is rescinded.