Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find policies and procedures pertaining to recruitment and selection?

A: Staff Personnel Policies are maintained at the Office of the President ( For positions that are not represented by a bargaining unit, refer to the Personnel Policies for Staff Members, sections 20 (Recruitment) and 21 (Appointment). For positions that are represented by a bargaining unit, refer to the appropriate labor contract.

Q: Do I need to check references before making a job offer and what can I ask of a reference source?

A: It is recommended that references should always be checked regardless of your impression of the interviewed candidate's qualifications. Reference checks should be conducted for every finalist after you have completed your interviews. References are checked for three basic reasons: 1) to verify employment; 2) to verify what you have learned during the interview and; 3) to obtain employment recommendations. Obtaining permission from the candidate to check references is strongly recommended prior to contacting references. Questions must be job related and responses can be used in consideration only if documented. Please contact your Talent Acquisition Consultant in Human Resources for information regarding this review, or use the reference check form provided on the SHR website.

Q: Should a unit still be conducting an informal offer prior to the conditional offer?

A: Yes you can extend an informal offer, please contact Talent Acquisition if you would like access to a script for this process.

Q: If an offer is made by SHR prior to background check how do you handle the start date?

A: Start date is contingent upon them clearing the background check. Start date will be established once results have been received and assessed by SHR.

Q: When is it ok to reach out to to inquire about candidate status? A: SHR asks that at least a week passes from the time of the candidate scan before a status inquiry is requested via the email.

Q: How can I initiate a Hireright background check (only used for candidates who can’t make it to campus to be fingerprinted).

A: These background checks can only be initiated through a PO in Cruz Buy. Please contact for help.

Q:Will a current employee moving to a new critical role have to be fingerprinted again if they were already fingerprinted recently?

A: They must be fingerprinted again if their last background check occurred prior to 9/17/18. If they have been fingerprinted since this date, they are documented in a secure SHR database and may not need to be fingerprinted again. This also applies to reclasses which include critical duties.